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Online password generation and encryption for .htpasswd files

(to be used with .htaccess files)

july 6th, 2007

This htpasswd password encrypter is designed to work online or offline, to ensure total privacy. It's written in JavaScript, so the entire process runs within your computer. Nothing is transmitted to any server and we even encourage you to use this encrypter offline.
This form uses a JavaScript transcription of the htpasswd software bundled with the Apache HTTP server.

user name :

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About encrypting algorithms : (See Apache's htpasswd - Manage user files for basic authentication)
Visitor authentication depends on the HTTP server software and it's operating system.
  • MD5 : The MD5 algorithm used by htpasswd is specific to the Apache software; passwords encrypted using it will not be usable with other Web servers.
    The MD5 encryption takes a couple of seconds.

Thanks to :
Paul Johnston for his JavaScript adaptation of the MD5 and SHA-1 algorithms.
for his JavaScript adaptation of the UNIX crypt(3) algorithm.
François Pirsch who agreed to let us use this website.
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